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Young & Battaglia

  1. Ceramic Bulldog

    Ceramic Bulldog


    These fine porcelain puppies feature gold tipped toes and blue floral details, a reference to the traditional "Blue Delft" ceramics.

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  2. Poetry Plates

    Poetry Plates


    Fine bone china plates with gold lustre edging and blue "handwritten" text. Learn More
  3. King Arthur Mirror Dome Pendant Lamp

    King Arthur Mirror Dome Pendant Lamp


    A resin skull with brass-plated crown inside a 2-way mirrored glass dome.

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  4. Suspended Statuary Lamps

    Suspended Statuary Lamps


    A collection of ceiling lights based on statues of ancient Greek & Roman gods.

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  5. Renaissance Cowhide Rug

    Renaissance Cowhide Rug


    A rubber based fabric rug that features an image of a young girl by Japanese artist Himitsuhana. Learn More
  6. Sistine Pendant Light

    Sistine Pendant Light


    The 'Sistine' pendant light is inspired by frescos and chapel ceilings. Learn More
  7. King Edison Pendant Lamp

    King Edison Pendant Lamp


    A perfect tiny chandelier suspended inside a glass lightbulb and hung on braided silken cable. Learn More
  8. Waterloo Table Lamp

    Waterloo Table Lamp


    A bust of Napoleon forms the base of this lamp topped with a traditional shade.

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